Shoreditch District, Street Art Walk, London, England

Photography has been an interest of mine since the first time I was lucky enough to play with an SLR film camera at age 11. At the time I barely knew how the physics and optics behind f-stops, shutter speeds, and ISO sensitivity worked in concert to produce an image. A few years later I had the opportunity to photograph my classmates for a graduation project and develop my own film at the Harvey Milk Photography center. As the years went on I switched to digital and saw 2MP turn into 5MP, 5MP turn into 16MP, and 16MP turn into 24MP. Post-processing changed from alternating chemical baths for different times, to dodging, burning, and blurring in Photoshop, to raw photo editing in RawTherapee and Lightroom with single click Instagram filters on a phone. I've been a master of none of these tools, yet loved learning and experimenting on all of them. If anything has changed over time, it isn't just the technology, but how easy it is for anyone to create their own perspective on a life experience and share it with others.

So feel free to browse my favorite perspectives, stories, and places,. Drop me a line by commenting on a photo, finding me on  instagram, or directly at

Cheers and thanks, Varun

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